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Veterans Pest Control provides Insect, Pigeon, and Rodent services for your residence, commercial business, farm, and even your lake property in the Fargo Moorhead and surrounding areas. Our services include:

Extermination of


Beehives in a wall or underground definitely require the assistance of a skilled professional.

Removal of


An established wasp colony or, more commonly, a series of wasp colonies can be very dangerous to humans, domestic pets and livestock.

Application for


If your concern is nuisance spiders, or if you have identified a dangerous invasive species, please allow us to evaluate your surroundings and help you feel safe in your environment.

Treatments for


Ants are social insects that live in large groups. Hence the armies of ants phrase. As you may know, baits treated with insecticides often offer the best control because the worker ants carry the poison down into the nest and feed it to all the members of the colony.



Problems with flies can be controlled both indoors and out, ask us about your specific problem and we can make a recommendation to fit your issue.



Most cockroaches can be excluded from buildings by having us provide pest control boundaries. Roaches remain mostly hidden during daylight hours.



Pigeons are one type of nuisance bird that can cause numerous damage to property and can even become a risk to your health. Do you have a loose bird in your home, cabin or business? We provide Netting (capture & release) of wild birds and bats! Commercial sign netting also available.



Mice gain entry to homes in businesses through pipes, cabinets, holes or openings in foundations and also through roofs. Pet food makes a great meal for these rodents!

Professional Rodent

Removal Services

Like Mice, Rats can also be a problem on your Farm, at your Home, or your Business, especially this time of the year... Give us a call, we can help remove all unwanted rodents!

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